Chehalis Lodge #28 F&AM
Officers Elect for 2009

W.M. Stephen T. Carmick Installed #28 Lodge Officers for 2009

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Worshipful Master W. M. Stephen T. Carmick 360-748-7671
Senior Warden V.W.B. Ernest E Goad Jr. 360-985-0884
Junior Warden W.B. Spencer M Davis 360-748-3128
Senior Deacon V.W.B. Ian F. Ricker 360-740-1639
Junior Deacon   Br. Pete Bezy 360-557-6151
Treasurer W.B. LeeRoy H Wisner 360-748-9442
Secretary W.B. James L Wisner 360-520-3350
Chaplain WB  Steven C. Birley 360-748-7810
Marshal W.B. Harry Estep Sr. 360-262-3385
Senior Steward W.B. Manley L. Michler 360-807-9754
Junior Steward    
Organist W.B. Baxter Harwood  
Tyler Br. Jeffrey T. Nielsen 360-330-9488
Past Master - 2008 W.B. Spencer M Davis 360-748-3128
The truncheon or club (shown in photo above) that Worshipful Master Carmick will be using for his term in office is a family heirloom, which  was originally owned by his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Peter Carmick, who was an English member of the Irish gentry who came to America in 1699 with William Penn's second voyage.   He is believed to have been a merchant, who lived in Philadelphia.  The Carmick family tradition informs us that he used the club as part of the "watch" group of gentlemen who patrolled and kept the peace in the nicer neighborhood of the city, whose population was then only 2000 or 3000 people, and which had no police force.  We are also told that he also used it as his gavel during his term as the Worshipful Master of the city's Masonic Lodge.  This would have probably been c. 1720-1730.  Peter Carmick is supposed to have been the writer of a collection of Ancient Masonic charges, known today as "The Carmick Manuscript", which is in the  possession of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

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Originated 10-07-06, updated 06-10-09                                                
WB LeeRoy Wisner