Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons

                                           TERRITORY OF WASHINGTON.

To all the Fraternity ... Greetings;

   Whereas, a Petition has been presented to the undersigned  Robert Crosby Hill  GRAND MASTER OF MASONS in and for the Territory of Washington, from a constitutional number of brethern to wit: HoratioJ. Duffy, William H.Long, William F.Miles, James T.Berry, Robert M. Berry, John Stephens, William Champ, William G.Gall, Salius Plaut, John F.Shilton, Thomas Neacaefe, J.D.Clingerand, and Michael Buchanan  who have been properly vouched for and recommend as  MASTER MASONS IN GOOD STANDING,  setting forth that having the honor and prosperity of the Craft at heart, they are desirous of establishing a LODGE  at Saundersville in the County of  Lewis, and Territory of Washington, under our Masonic jurisdiction and requesting a Dispensation for the same.

     And whereas,  There appears to be good and sufficient cause for granting the prayer of the said petition; we, by virtue of the powers in us vested by the Constitution of the Grand Lodge and the ancient usages of the Order, do grant this our DISPENSATION, empowering, authorizing and appointing Brother HoratioJ.Duffy, to act as Worshipful Master; William H.Long, to act as Senior Warden, and Brother William F.Miles to act as Junior Warden of a Lodge to be held under our jurisdiction at Saundersville, by the name of "Chehalis"LODGE.  And we further authorize the trusty and well belaned brethern aforsaid to ADMIT, ENTER, PASS and RAISE FREEMASONS according to the Ancient Constitutions of the Order, the customs and usages of the Craft, and the Rules and Regulations of the  MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE OF THE TERRITORY OF WASHINGTON  and not otherwise.

       And it shall be their duty, and they are hereby required to return this Dispensation, with a correct transcript of all the Proceedings had under authority of the same, together with an attested copy of the By-laws to the Grand Lodge aforesaid, at its next grand Annual Communication, for examination, and for such further action in the premises as shall be deemed wise and proper.
       And this, our
DISPENSATION, shall continue of force until the next Annual Communication of our Grand Lodge aforesaid, unless sooner revoked by me or by the authority of the Grand Lodge.

                               In testimony whereof,  I have hereuntc set my hand, and caused the seal of our Grand Lodge to be affixed,
                                                             at Olympia, this 
Twenty fifth  day of February   A.D.  1878,  A.L.   1878.

                                     Robert C.Hill
In and for the Jurisdiction of the Washington Territory


                                                                         Attest: J.W.Reed


        GM approval of request for dispensation, & approval from Grand Lodge at it's annual communication

Petition for Dispensation, Chehalis Lodge, Saundersville, Lewis Co.
Dispensation Granted Feb, 25th, 1878


By authority of the MW Grand Lodge of Washington, in annual communication in the city of Olympia, on this sixth day of June AD 1878, the contained dispensation is recommended, our continuance is in full force and effect or until such time as Chehalis Lodge No.28 is regularly constituted under charter order to issue on said date henceforth, or until revoked by due authority.

                    Attest  JWReed
                           Gr Secretary