Posted 9-16-08

Brothers, I am happy to pass on the information that the Masonic family has came thru again.  The members of Chehalis, Winlock, Centralia Masonic lodges plus the OES of Chehalis has came thru again & solved the Boistfort school crisis.  Thank you brothers & sisters.

Posted 9-10-2008


I just got a phone call from Shari Watt, at the Boistfort Elementary School.
She heads up the after school program there. She is desperately seeking money to fill a gap in their funding of the after school snack program.
This program relies on two funding sources, the one for snacks has cycles like any other program. They use a snap shot week to evaluate participation.
The week that the food funding source looked at was the week of Dec, 3, 2007. This is the week of the Flood, the school had been flooded, and the valley was in shambles, with no participation that week in the program, they did not make the requirements to fund the snack program, for the upcoming period of Sept 22, 2008 until the next cycle starts in mid November of 2008.
They did make the requirements of the next funding cycle, (starting in November) as there was a lot of participation during the cleanup of the school and valley.
She needs funding for approximately 200 snacks a week for a 8 to 10 weeks, starting Sept. 22, 2008 at a cost of approximately .50 cents a snack, for this after school program, for the Elementary students..
She has requested Masonic help if it is available.
If you want more information about this, 
Shari can be contacted at 360-245-3343 at the Boistfort School, or her cell phone is 360-269-3485, or give me a call at 360-520-3350
W.B. James Wisner
Secretary, Chehalis Lodge # 28 F. & A.M.
Cell # 360-520-3350
FYI, Shari and her husband Don, lost their home in this flood. I contacted her in December, and she refused Masonic aid at that time since she felt there were people far worse off that her family was, that needed aid.