Lewis County Past Masters Association


The 101th meeting of Lewis County Past Masters Association will be held at the Centralia Masonic Temple
February 16th, the third Saturday in February 2013.

As discussed and agreed on at past meetings, dinner will be served at 5:00 PM & the meeting will be called 
to order at 6:00 PM.   

The cost of the dinner is $11.00, of which $10:00 is for the cost of the dinner & $1:00 is towards mailing        expenses.     The Centralia Chapter of O. E. S. is preparing the dinner.

As in past years meetings, reservations are a MUST, as it is really difficult to prepare a meal without knowing how many persons will be attending.   You may prepay by check, but since the Association does not have a bank account, you will have to make the checks out payable to the Secretary (James L Wisner).  I will be at the door as well for those who wish to pay in person that evening.

Please call 360-520-3350 to RSVP for the meal, or e-mail him at jwisner@compprime.com

We are praying for, and looking forward toward a good dinner attendance and an evening of fun & enjoyment with you.

This yearly meeting is our opportunity to visit with each of you & to meet & welcome our new Past Masters into the Association.

                                                                                                                James L. Wisner,  Secretary/Treasurer

PS: to the Presiding Master of the Lodge
Would you please prepare a statement of the condition of your lodge, so it can be recorded into the minutes of our annual meeting.