Pictures of Lodge #28 Past Masters

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  Calvin Loyal Rogers was born 04-12-1889 in Harley, Iowa.  He married Laura Still 11-02-1914 & they had one daughter, Florence, & two sons John & Tom.  He moved his family to Chehalis in November of 1921,  He was a pharmacist & worked with W.H. Marr in his drugstore on Market Street until he retired in 1950.

He was initiated 04-24-1929, passed 05-22 & became a Master Mason 09-11-1929  in the Chehalis lodge #28. 
Kenneth E. Chase was born 9-19-1896 at Winlock, WA.  He attended grade school at Adna, Toledo & Littel WA.  He graduated from Chehalis High School in 1916 & then attended Bellingham Normal School.  he taught in the public school of Ethel, Pleasant Hill & Lower Lincoln Creek all in Lewis County.  He was employed as a book-keeper for Lewis Pacific Dairy & the Western oil Co.  On 12-10-1921 he married Myrtle M. Foron.  From 1942 until his retirement in 1962 he was owner of Chase Insurance & Realty Co.  Since 1925 Chase has been active in the Boy Scouts & received every award.  He also served as President of the Chehalis Masonic temple assn.

He was initiated 04-14-1926, passed 06-09 & became a Master Mason 07-14-1926  in the Chehalis lodge #28. 

Calvin L. Rogers
  Kenneth C. Chase
Henry Sedate Porter was born at Napavine WA. 6-09-1901.  He married Marion Mosher in Kelso 9-26-1926.    He moved from Ridgefield in Clark County to Chehalis to teach Vocational Agriculture in the High School in the summer of 1930. 

He was initiated 3-01-1923, & became a Master Mason 3-15-1923 in South Bend, WA. He was elected  a member of Chehalis #28 by affiliation 12-26-1934

Fay Benjamin Smith was born 3-19-1898 at Winfield, SD.  He taught school in Denton MT. & Ritzville, Wilson Creek & Lyle WA. where he was School Superintendent for 29 years.  He married Mary Bucham of Arlington, South Dakota on 11-16-1923.  

He was elected member of Chehalis #28 by Affiliation on a demit from Raymond #170. 

Henry S. Porter
  Fay B. Smith
Alfred Tremayne Flagg was born 11-21-1891 at Avon in Skagit County WA.  In 1896 he moved with his parents to Seattle, where he attended elementary & secondary schools.  He graduated in Agriculture from WSU in 1916.  In 1916 he married Esther Bull at Pullman, WA.  They had one daughter, Esther.   In November 1919 he moved to Chehalis where he was employed as a Lewis County Agriculture Extension Agent.

He was initiated 5-06-1919, passed 5-20 & became a Master Mason 6-03-1919 all in the Kalama Lodge.   He became a member of Chehalis #28 by Affiliation from Kalama.
William Weber was born on a wheat farm near Quincy, WA in 1905, where he attended public schools.  He grew up there & moved to Chehalis in 1931 where he became a teacher in the Chehalis Public Schools.  In 1936 he married Lois Pollom, the art teacher at the Junior High School.  He served as Principal of the Junior High. 

He was initiated 4-11-1934, passed 4-25 & became a Master Mason 6-09-1934


A. Tremayne Flagg
  William W. Webber
Nils Algot Hogberg was born 8-09-1886 in Lulea, Sweden.  It is not known when he came to the United States, but he settled in Portland, OR & attended Portland Dental College.  He practiced dentistry in & around Portland before coming to Chehalis about 1926 where he also practiced the craft upstairs at the corner of Boistfort & West Main.    He showed great interest in Masonry & aided in ritualistic lodge work.

He was initiated in Wallamette Lodge #2 on 1-12-1920, passed 4-12 & became a Master Mason 9-13-1920.  He demitted to Chehalis 1-26-1927.

Loyal Dvbvig was born on a wheat farm in Craigmont, ID on 6-28-1908.  He graduated from Clarkston High School in 1925 & the University of Idaho in 1934.  He married a school teacher, Mabel Kludt in 1934.  He relocated in Chehalis in 1936 where he was employed teaching mathematics in Chehalis High School.  He entered the construction business in 1946. 

He was initiated 12-14-1938, passed 01-25-1939 & became a Master Mason 2-08-1939 in the Chehalis lodge #28.
Nils A. Hogberg
  Loyal A. Dvbvig
Arthur Earl Pollum was born in Putnam County Indiana & moved to Kansas as a boy. He moved to Tacoma at the age of 21.  In 1908 he came to Chehalis & established a feed & seed business that he operated until the mid 1950s.  He later owned & operated a automobile agency in the city.  He was very active in the lodge serving on numerous committees.  He was overseer of the Temple Building, the High priest of the Royal Arch & the Illustrious master of Alpha Council #20.  He was also commander of St. Helens Commandry #12 in Chehalis. 

He was initiated 06-02-1915, passed 06-30 & became a Master Mason 8-25-1915 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Lee John Campbell was born on 3-06-1907 in Nelson British Columbia.  Soon after his parents moved to Seattle, WA where he grew up & graduated from elementary & high school.  he studied law at the University of Washington & graduated in 1933.  He moved to Chehalis to practice law & married Margaret Jones.  They had one son & one daughter.  He was active in civic affairs & a member of many community organizations.

He was initiated 03-10-1937, passed 03-24 & became a Master Mason 04-30-1937 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Arthur E. Pollum
  Lee J. Campbell
Fremont G. Burrows was born on Vashon Island on 12-17-1898.  He moved to Chehalis 01-1904 where he graduated from High School in 1917.  He served in the US Army in WWI & then attended the UW for 3 years. On 08-21-1923 he married Irene Mock of Chehalis. He was employed by the Chehalis Brick & Tile Co. from 1920 on.  He was High Priest of Sunset Chapter #23 in 1962/63. And Worthy Patron of ORS #3 in 1965/66.  He was active in the Methodist Church & Kiwanis Club. 

He was initiated 01-22-1941, passed 02-26 & became a Master Mason 03-26-1941 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

L Roscoe Mitten was born 10-28-1905 in Seward, Iowa.  He married Blanch Tucker 06-17-1929 & moved to Chehalis early September of 1929 to teach biology in the Chehalis High School.  He later served for some time as Principal of Chehalis High School.

He was initiated 11-24-1943, passed 12-08 & became a Master Mason 12-22-1943 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Freemont G. Burrows
  L. Roscoe Mitten
Ted E. Bartlett was born 08-18-1917 in Bennett, Colorado.  He married Alice Siefert 12-24-1933 & moved to Washington in 1937.  After moving they had 2 sons, Gary & Donald.  His grandson Wade, became a Mason at Hiram Lodge 7 in Franklin, TN in 2017


During the 1950's he owned and operated a family dairy farm in Rochester and drove logging truck to support the family.

He was a member of the Rochester United Methodist Church & has been a member of the Rochester School Board.

He was initiated 01-10-1943, passed 01-31 & became a Master Mason 02-23-1943 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Arvo Wilho Kaija was born near Vasa, Finland 02-02-1907.  When 8 months old his father came to the US & settled in Eureka, UT where he worked as a gold miner.  In 1912 the family returned to Finland & after a stay of 8 months, returned to Utah.  In 1916 they moved to Winlock, WA.  He had one brother & 5 sisters.  For 18 years Arvo worked for Albers Milling Co. as a field-man & salesman.  He has one son jerry & a daughter Lorraine.  He was known to his many friends & brothers as the friendly & smiling Finn.  He served as High Priest of Royal Arch.

He was initiated 09-11-1947, passed 10-02 & became a Master Mason 10-23-1947 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Ted E. Bartlett
  Arvo J. Kaija
Donald Carlton Plotz was born 10-17-1923 in Chehalis, WA.  He graduated from the public schools in 1942.  He served in the US Navy from 1942 to 1946.  He subsequently attended Centralia Community College.  He married Alberta J. Alders 01-21-1966, they had a son & a daughter.  Until his early retirement he worked for Lewis County PUD.  He faithfully performed the 1st Degree Lecture until just before his death in 2009 & was a 60 year member of FAM #28.

He was initiated 10-09-1946, passed 02-19-1947 & became a Master Mason 02-27-1947 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

He served as master of Chehalis Lodge in 1953 at the time of the Lodge's 75th anniversary.

Arthur E. Cook was born 02-08-1904 in Neillsville, WI.  He graduated from the public schools there & attended an automotive & industrial school in Aleone City, WI, graduation in 1923.  He came to Chehalis, WA. & established Enterprise Electric Co. an automotive electrical parts distribution store. 

He married Dorothy Ward 11-02-1933 & they had one son, John, & a daughter Ann.

He was initiated 01-26-1944, passed 02-23 & became a Master Mason 03-22-1944 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Donald C. Plotts
  Arthur E. Cook
Neil Colin Kelley was born 07-09-1916 in Newton, Iowa.  He married Dorthea Williams 11-021-1943.  They had 3 girls, Kathleen, Mary & Patricia.  He went into business with his father-in-law operating Ben Franklin Store in Chehalis, & later bought him out.

He served as High Priest of Sunset Chapter #23 Royal Arch Masons.

He was initiated 10-05-1949, passed 11-23 & became a Master Mason 12-14-1949 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Phillip Everett Cameron Jr. was born 09-16-1919 in Casper WY.  He was a member of the Wyoming National Guard & in 1941 enlisted in the Military Service for one year.  His term was extended by by WWII.  He served in the African-European Theater of the war taking part of the December landing at Casablanca.  He married Francis Cole of Centralia in 1942.  After the war he worked for Lewis County Savings & Loan Assc. In 1953 he was employed by Lewis County PUD.

He was initiated 12-28-1949, passed 02-15-1950 & became a Master Mason 03-08-1950 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Neil C. Kelly
  Phillip E. Cameron
William E. Ridener was born 01-27-1917 at St. Joseph, Missouri.  he moved to Chehalis in April of 1930 where he graduated from Chehalis High School in 1935.  He married Dorthea Johnston 08-31-1940 & they had a daughter, Kathy.  In 1937 he was employed by Puget Sound Power & Light Co.  He served in the US Navy in 1945/46.

He was initiated 12-28-1949, passed 02-15-1950 & became a Master Mason 03-22-1950 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Harry Oliver Cambridge was born in Gage County, Nebraska 08-29-1897.  He came to Chehalis/Centralia early in 1916.  He married Laura Seale 08-29-1917 & they had one daughter, Virginia,  2 sons George & Richard.  He was an automobile mechanic all of his life,

He was initiated 07-27-1921, passed 08-10 & became a Master Mason 09-07-1921 in the Chehalis lodge #28.
William E. Reidner
  Harry O. Cambridge
Donald Martin Workman was born 10-16-1917 at Wallville, WA.  He graduated from PeEll High School in 1937.  He served during WWII as a member of the Coast Guard.  He married in 1940 & is the father of 3 sons.  He was employed by Lewis County PUD until his retirement. He was instrumental in acquiring the property for the Masonic Lodge parking lot & served as chairman of the committee for it's construction.  He also served on the Temple Board as Treasurer for 3 years.  He was appointed District Deputy of District #17 in 1964 & again  in 1965.

He was raised a Master Mason in Kelso Lodge #94  05-09-1946 & demitted to Chehalis in 1951.

Ronald Alexander Miller was born 05-02-1920 at White Salmon, WA.  He joined the Army Signal Corps in 1942.  he served in New Guinea, the Philipines & Okinawa during WWII & was discharged 01-1946.  he married Pearl Troop 04-19-1947 & had 3 sons, Dennis, Gregory & Brian.  When he returned to Chehalis, he was employed by Lewis County PUD & reached the post of Auditor & Treasurer/Controller.  he was elected to the NW Public Power Assc. & the American Public Power Assc. Finance Sections.

He was initiated 02-09-1955, passed 03-09 & became a Master Mason 04-13-1955 in Chehalis lodge #28.

Donald M. Workman
  Ronald A. Miller
Vince D. Sanderson was born 09-16-1915.  he married Leona Rasmussen & they had two daughters & later four grandchildren.  He was employed as a butcher for eight years & became a timber faller for twenty-two years.  He later became a self-employed building contractor.  He served as Worthy Patron of Chehalis Order of Eastern Star #3 in 1962.

He was initiated 09-08-1954, passed 10-27 & became a Master Mason 11-10-1954 in the Chehalis lodge #28.

Evon Loyd Owen Jr. was born 05-07-1919 in Centralia, WA & lived most of his life in Lewis County.  He attended  & graduated from Boistfort High School, then attended W.S.C. & the Industrial Technological Institute of Los Angeles.  He married Lois Thrumer 08-10-1946.  He attended Wright Jr. College in Chicago, but returned to enter the lumber industry with his father in 1949, who operated a large sawmill on Coal Creek at the north end of Chehalis.  He was later employed by the Dept. of Institutions of Wash State for a while.

He was initiated 11-15-1944, passed 11-22 & raised as Master Mason  11-28-1944 at Chehalis Lodge #28
Vincent D. Sanderson
  Evon L/ Owen Jr.
Kenneth Jerome Schwartz was born in Chehalis 08-14-1932.  He graduated from Chehalis High School graduating in 1950 & then attended the University of Washington for 2 years ending his work there in 1952.  He entered business with his father in Schwart's Mens Wear on Market St. in Chehalis.  He married Selma Colombeck 08-14-1952, they had one son & two daughters.

He was initiated 10-28-1953, passed 11-25 & became a Master Mason 01-27-1954 in Chehalis lodge #28

Frank Wayne Lilly was born 6-21-1928 in Newport OR.  He graduated from Winlock High School in 1946.  He married Marilyn Locke 09-02-1950 & they had three children.  Frank started his own photo studio business in Winlock & later moved to Chehalis where he established Wayne's Photo Finishing.

He was initiated 11-23-1955, passed 01-25 & became a Master Mason 02-08-1956 in Chehalis lodge #28.
Kenneth J. Schwartz
  Frank W. Lilly
Melvin Thomas Montgomery was born 10-24-1918 in Carrington, ND.  March 24-1940 he married Carol Wiltschko & they had one daughter Deanna Kay.  He served in the US Army during WWII from 1942 to1946.  He came to Vail, WA in September of 1976 & was employed by Weyerhaeuser Timber Co.  He moved to Chehalis as chief accountant in 1955.

He was initiated 03-12-1958, passed 03-26 & became a Master Mason 04-18-1958 in Chehalis lodge #28
Lester Corliss Fisher Jr. was born 08-28-1920 at Devils Lake, ND.  In 1943 he married Margaret Anderson of Fort Morgan, Colorado & they had one daughter, Linda.  He served in the US Army during WWII from 1973 to 1945.  He was employed by Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. as a forester & contract logging supervisor.

He was vice-president of the Masters & Wardens Assc. of District 17 in 1965 & elected president in 1966.

He was initiated 03-12-1958, passed 03-26 & became a Master Mason 04-09-1958 in Chehalis lodge #28.

Melvin T. Montgomery
  Lester C. Fisher Jr
Kenneth Hayward Verd was born in Arlington, WA 09-02-1917.  He worked in a saw & shingle mill until 1940 when he moved to Bremerton, where he worked in the sheet metal trade.  He married Virginia Elder in 1941 & they had 3 sons.  He moved to Chehalis / Centralia area in 1946 & continued to work in sheet metal for Coolidge and  Sons of Centralia.

He was initiated 09-10-1958, passed 10-08 & became a Master Mason 11-12-1958 in Chehalis lodge #28
Larry Elmer James was born 11-05-1907 in Centralia, WA.  Larry received his education in Centralia & Onalaska public schools.  He joined the US Army in 1942 & served in the Asiatic/Pacific Theater if WWII.  After the war, he returned to Centralia to work for Fullers Market Baskets stores.

He was initiated 03-25-1959, passed 04-17 & became a Master Mason 05-15-1959 in Chehalis lodge #28.
Kenneth H. Verd
  Larry E. James
Harry Leland Hokanson was born 04-07-1918 in upper Lincoln Creek, WA.  He attended & graduated from Chehalis High School in 1936. He then attended WSU leaving there & went directly into the US Navy flight training program in December of 1940 & became a fighter pilot in the Pacific theater.  He was honorably discharged September of 1946.  He married Verda Giles 09-11-1941 & they had four children. 

He owned & operated a pole & piling business for many years in Napavine, WA.

He was initiated 05-27-1959, passed 09-30 & became a Master Mason 11-11-1959 in Chehalis lodge #28.

Richard Lee Dawson was born in Seattle 03-08-1922.  He served in the US Army during WWII.  He married Elsie Amend in 1941 & they had 2 children.  He was employed at the radio station KELA for many years.

He served as High Priest of Sunset Chapter Royal Arch Masons in 1+64 & 1965.  As Illustrious Master of Alpha Council #20 Royal & Select Masters in 1967 & as Grand Captain of the Host of the grand Chapter in 1966.He also served as Commander of the St. Helens Commandery #12.  He was director of the Children's Heart Foundation of the Royal Arch, & Trustee of the SW Washington Low 12 Club.  President of the Master & Wardens Assc. for Dist. #17

He was initiated 10-20-1959, passed 11-18 & became a Master Mason 12-09-1959 in the Chehalis lodge #28.
Harry L. Hokanson
  Richard L. Dawson

Donald Earl Huston was born in Chehalis March 8, 1935.  He attended Chehalis Public schools graduating in 1954.  After graduating he went into business with his father Ed Huston in the Huston Auto Parts store & became owner in 1972.   He married Dorothy (Sue) Tellevick on July 17, 1954 & they had 4 children. 

He served in the Naval Reserve & Washington National Guard.

He was initiated 7-27-1962, passed 9-12-1962 & became a Master Mason 10-10-1962  in Chehalis lodge #28.

Charles Lewis Shafer was born 9-26-1914 in Bozeman MT.  He married Anna Svinth in 1939 & they had 2 children, Donald & Joanne. He worked 29 years as a heavy equipment operator. He became self-employed in 1955  raising chickens commercially, producing 800,000 fryers annually.  Was chairman of the Wash State fryer commission.  He was master of Pomona Grange in 1961, 62 & 63.  He was Rainbow Dad, for Chehalis O.R.G. No. 45. 1965-68.  He was president of Lewis County Shrine Club & President of Masters & Wardens Assn.

He was initiated 10-26-60, passed 11-18-60, raised as master mason12-28-60.  Was District Deputy for #17 1980/81. 

Donald E. Huston
  Charles L. Shafer

Willie Claxton Humphrey was born 9-14-1917 in Avera GA.  He married Yvonne Seney 6-8-1947 & they had 2 children.  He worked at Sears Roebuck & Co in Chehalis as a appliance salesman until his retirement in 1977. 

He was Worthy Patron pf O.E.S. #3  1971-1972.  He also served as President of Lewis County Shrine Club

He was initiated 5-12-1965, passed 10-13- & became a Master Mason 11-24-1965  in Chehalis lodge #28. 

Lyle Samuel Reynoldson (Sam) was born 12-16-1918 in Harlowtown, MT.  He came to Washington in 1922 & graduated from Tenino High School in 1937.  He served in the military during WWII.  In October 1946 he married Irene McCollum & they had 3 daughters & 2 sons.  He was Superintendent of his own door factory until 1974. 

He served as Guardian & Assc Guardian of Job's Daughters.

He was initiated 03-09-1966, passed 04-13- & became a Master Mason 04-27-1966 

Willie C. Humphrey
  Lyle S. Reynoldson

Norman Gerald Anderson was born 3-4-1938 in Tacoma WA. where he attended school.  He entered the US Navy in 1957 until 1963.  He married Royanne Downie 8-21-1963 & they had 6 children.  He operated a carpet cleaning business for a while.  He went to work as law enforcement for Chehalis Police Dept in 1983 until 2000. In his semi-retirement years he worked part time for Fullers market Basket & as a machine operator in a local machine shop.

He was initiated 11-22-1967, passed 12-13 & raised to Master Mason 1-24-1968 in Chehalis lodge #28.

Clarence Opseth was born 9-12-1905 in Superior, WI.  He & his wife, Lillian had 2 daughters, Arlene & Ester. He was an accountant for Chehalis Steel. 

He was initiated 9-24-1969, passed 2-25-1970 & raised to a Master Mason 4-18-1970.

Norman G. Anderson
  Clarence Opseth

Charles Wieland Jr. was born 1-20-1926 in Philadelphia, PA.  He served with the US Navy during WWII.  June 15-1946 he married Joyce Anderson & they had Gregory, Charles & Susan.

He was employed by the state of Washington Department of Highways in Chehalis where he advanced to the position of Superintendent.

He was initiated 3-24-1971, passed 5-12 & raised to Master Mason 5-26-1971.

Richard Harvard Miller  was born December 30, 1908 in Doty WA.  He and his wife Jeanette have one daughter, Dorothy. He was employed for many years as a billing clerk in the power & light industry, retiring from Lewis County P.U.D. on Chehalis.  He was a member of all the York Rite bodies, also Afifi Temple of the Shrine.  In the O.E.S. he held the office of Worthy Patron in the Chehalis Chapter.

He was initiated 04-24-1941, raised 05-09 & raised 05-24-1941 in Winlock Lodge No. 47; he served that lodge as it's Worshipful Master in 1951 & maintained a dual membership there with Chehalis. 

Charles Weiland Jr. 1977   Richard H. Miller
100th Anniversary of Chehalis #28 Lodge

William Leroy Cavinder has spent many years with the Chehalis Fire Dept. and after retirement, he worked as Lewis County Courthouse Security

He was initiated 04-11-1973, passed 05-09 & raised to Master Mason 05-23-1973

Guy Boyd McCord

He was initiated 07-11-1974, passed 10-09 & raised to Master Mason 10-23-1974

William Cavinder
  Pete McChord

James Wallace Nesbit

He was initiated 06-10-1964, passed 09-09, raised as Master Mason 10-28-1964.

LeeRoy Henry Wisner born 09-29-1936 in Chehalis.  He graduated from Adna High School in 1954,  married Nancy Hein 06-12-1967.  They had 2 children, James & Julie.  He worked in the timber industry advancing to Head Sawyer in a large portable sawmill by the age of 20.  He later worked for 2 years in maintenance at National Fruit Canning Co. & then as the maintenance Plant Manager at Green Hill School for 14 years.  He went into his own full-time gunsmithing business in 1978 until 1994 when he shut that down & expanded into manufacturing obsolete firearm parts which were sold world-wide. 

He was initiated 5-8-75, passed  9-11-75, raised as Master Mason 11-1-75 at Pe Ell  #157, moved on to Chehalis lodge when Pe Ell consolidated with Chehalis.
Life member Chehalis #28

James C. Nesbit
  LeeRoy H. Wisner
  1981 (Pe Ell)

Steve Clarence Birley was born in Chehalis 02-14-1946.  He attended Mossyrock schools, graduating in 1965.  He spent a year at Bates Trade school in Tacoma.  He married Peggy Anderson 05-31-1969 & they had 2 boys. 

He entered the Navy in 1966 & served as a Gunners Mate for 3 years  He worked for Western Electric in Kent for a year..  In 1970 he started working for Chehalis Police Dept. as a road officer & then spent 17 years as a Detective Sergeant.  During that time he specialized in polygraph testing.  After his retirement in  2000, he operates Birley Polygraph as a part time business.  His hobbies are collecting old cars & trailers.

He was initiated 11-12-1975, passed 01-14-1976 & raised to Master Mason 02-25-1976  in Chehalis lodge #28.   Life member Chehalis #28 2009

Franklin Laforest Warren was born August 11, 1919 in Peabody, Mass to Albert L.& Hazel Belle Hicks, Warren.  As a young man he was raised in Peabody.

During WWII, he served in the Army Air Corps in Africa (97th) Airborne.  Towards the end of the war he met &  married Lorene Ferrell who predeceased him in 2002. 

He loved the time (22 years) that he served his country traveling in many duty stations throughout the world., After retirement he spent 9 years as a postman Concorde NH & Ventura CA.  After his 2nd retirment he moved to Washington State.  Subsequently he married Marie Yorio of Olympia where & he lived for 13 years & then 18 more in Chehalis.

He enjoyed hiking, fishing, gardening & lapidarying.

He was active in the  Onalaska Presbyterian Church
Steven C. Birley
1982 / 87
  Franklin Warren

Louis W. Reid

He was initiated 01-22-1951, passed 02-16, raised as Master Mason 03-02-1951.

James Crawford Tibbits was born 1-26-1935.  He worked as a meat buyer for Safeway for many years, & then for Fullers.   Finally opening his our meat store (D J's Meats) in downtown Chehalis which he ran until retirement.

Was District Deputy for District  #17 in

He was initiated 05-25-1967, passed 06-08, raised as Master Mason Raymond Lodge #

Louis W. Reid
  James C. Tibbits
1985 / 1990

Carl Everett Lotz was born Oct, 17, 1911 in Burnt Mill, Ohio & had worked as a longshoreman & merchant seaman in his early years.

His associations included FAM #28, High Priest #23 Royal Arch, Past Illustrious Master Alpha Council #20, Past Commander St. Helens Commandry #12, York Rite & Shrine Club & Sons of Norway.  Also Logan Hill Grange & the NRA

He was initiated 05-24-1978, passed 09-27, raised as Master Mason 11-22-1978.

Otto LeRoy Watillo was born 9-26-1927.  He served as merchant marine seaman.  Retired from Wash State Dept of Institutions as stationary engineer.

He was District Deputy for District  #17 in 1997/98

He was initiated 6-30-1982, passed 9-8, raised as Master Mason 11-27-1982 in Chehalis #28.

Carl Lotz
  Otto L. Watillo
1988 / 89 / 92

Charles  Edwin Wood worked as an accountant for various business in the area.

He was elected Jr. Grand Warden of Washington Grand Lodge in 2016

He and his wife Lorraine are members of  OES

He was initiated 02-24-1988, passed 04-27, raised as Master Mason 06-08-1988  in Chehalis #28.


John Scurry Robinson

He was initiated 01-09-1964, passed 03-30, raised as Master Mason 09-10-1964.

Charles E. Wood
1991 / 2014
  John S. Robinson

Clayton Cyrus Skaggs was born 11-16-1933 in Taft, CA.  He attended numerous schools in California.  He attended a trade schools in Los Angeles & another in Norway on the subject of industrial engineering.  He belonged to the Operating Engineers Building trades & did general contractor work in Lewis County.  He retired in 1995.  He married Catherine Trice 07-03-80.  They had 3 children a girl & 2 boys.  He did a lot of volunteer work after retirement, Food Bank, Amateur Radio Club-Search & Rescue & as Santa Claus.  He was an avid reader. He  passed away

He was initiated 07-26-1973, passed 11-08, raised as Master Mason 02-28-1974 in LaCresenta, CA. & demitted to Chehalis Lodge #28.

Eric Llewellyn Melin was born 6-24-1940.  He grew up in north eastern WA near the small farming town of Hunters. 

He worked for Washington State Patrol as a trooper & then as an armorer when he retired.   He then worked as a sewing machine technician in his wife's business in downtown Chehalis. His passion is collecting/shooting old rifles & restoring Model A Ford cars.

He was initiated 11-14-79, passed 02-27, raised as Master Mason 04-09-1980 in Chehalis #28. 
Life member Chehalis #28 in 2009

Clayton C. Scaggs
  Eric L. Melin
No Photo Available

Robert Emil Landsidel was born 6-07-1940.  He worked for the local Ford/Toyota car dealership as salesman for many years until retiring in 2007.  His pastime is riding his Harley Davidson & playing golf.

He was initiated 1-24-73, passed 04-11-79, raised as Master Mason  05-09-79 in Chehalis #28.& was Master in1996

Ian Frank Ricker was born 04-01-49 in the San Angelo TX area.   He attended school in various places from England, Texas, & Alaska where he graduated.  He has been married 3 times with 4 children.  Last marriage to Jennie Truitt 06-14-1995.  He is disability retired from the city of Anchorage where he was a heavy equipment operator.  He along with his wife are accomplished artists.  He teaches art & is a part time machinist.  He was the spark plug who organized & got the Masonic CHIPs  (Childhood Identification Program) functioning in Lewis County, which is the model & set the standards for the rest of the state Masonic CHIPs programs.  From 2015 on, he was appointed Special Deputy of the Washington Grand Master

He was initiated 02-12-1977, passed 03-03 & raised 04-14-1977 in Glacier #10 in Anchorage Alaska.  Master there in 1988.  District Deputy for District #17, 1999/00. Honorary member of Olympia #1, Harmony #18, & Tenino #86

Robert E. Landsidel
  Ian F. Ricker 
1997 / 2011 / 2012 / 2014 / 2018 / 2019

Harry Earl Estep Sr.  was born 10-19-1930 in Westmoreland, WV.  He attended school on Buffalo, WV.  He entered the USAF in 1949, got GED while there & retired from there1969. After discharge, he worked for GTE-NW (Verison Communications) as truck driver, retiring again in 1989. Married Jodene Clevenger 12-18-1980, has 4 children & 4 step children.

Life member VFW Washington, American Legion #101 Winlock,  Veterans Museum.  NRA.   And member Centralia rifle Club.

Initiated 11-30-1968, in Everett, WA.  passed 05-25-1994, raised as Master Mason 10-12-1994  in Chehalis #28
Life member Chehalis #28

Aubrey Freeman Weeks was born 11-11-1923 in Kansas.  He moved with his family to Longview TX at an early age & attended school there. He served in the Army Air Force during WWII from 1942 to 1945.  He was widowed from his first wife Adel of 32 years & later married Mary Wautgh 06-06-1991.  He worked in the construction business in California, & then as a civil engineer. He also worked as a fixed base airplane mechanic in Michigan & Whidby Island.  Always interested in small private airplanes, he bought & restored some over the years.   He retired in 1987 with the hope of restoring more. 

He & Mary moved to the Boistfort International Airport vicinity in 1992

Initiated 11-10-1976, passed 02-09-1977, raised as Master Mason 05-18-1977 in Chehalis #28.   
Life member Chehalis #28

Harry E. Estep Sr. 1998 / 99 / 03 / 06   Aubrey F. Weeks

Timothy Robert Timmreck

He was initiated 10-22-1996, passed 02-25-1997, raised as Master Mason 03-25-1997 in Chehalis #28.

James LeeRoy Wisner was born 10-28-1959 in Chehalis, WA.  He attended & graduated from Adna High School in 1978. 

He Married Jennifer Clark 06-26-1993 & they have one son, Jaden.   He worked in the family gunsmithing business from the age of 12 until ----, when he went into his own metalsmithing business attending the school of hard knocks.  He purchased his parents obsolete firearms parts manufacturing. business upon their retirement in 2003. 

He was initiated 04-08-1998, passed 07-01, raised as Master Mason 10-28-1998 in Chehalis #28.

Timothy R, Timmreck
2001 / 02
  James L. Wisner
2004 / 05

Gregory John Mohoric was born 03-16-1958 in Seattle WA.  He graduated from Centralia High School in 1976.  He attended Centralia Community College and then Seattle Central Community College for 2 more years to attend their Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts Program. He had a small Catering business & then went to work in the Restaurant business for a couple of years.
In 1985 he went to work in the Beer distribution business until 2001.   In 2003 he entered the Insurance and Financial Services business. Currently as of 2010 he is a Farmers Insurance Agent and Financial Service Representative in Olympia, WA

He & La-Verne were married 08-13-2005

In 2004 he was President of Lewis County Shrine Club

He was initiated 06-14-00, passed 09-13, raised as Master Mason 01-24-2001 in Chehalis #28.

Spencer McNeil Davis was born 03-09-1950 in Ellensburg, WA.  He attended school in Yakima & graduated in 1968.  He then attended WSU for 2 years. 

He married Connie Badavinac 05-21-1985. Prior to working in the nursery business he held a multitude of jobs.  He worked in the nursery business for Ernst Hardware & Fred Meyer for a time.  He was co-owner of a nursery in Orting for 2 years.   In 1989 he & wife Connie opened a family operated green house / nursery facility near Adna, WA.  The flood of 2007 saw they saw major devastation in their facility with 56" of water in the greenhouses, which left & 5" of muck.

He is a member of the Lewis County Shrine Club

He was initiated 01-09-2002, passed 04-03, raised as Master Mason 08-28-2002 in Chehalis #28.

Gregory J.  Mohoric
  Spencer M. Davis
2008 / 2011
130th Anniversary of Chehalis #28 Lodge

Stephen Thomas Carmick  grew up in the Chicago area.  He came to Chehalis where he set up a law practice, retiring therefrom. he was deeply involved in the Centralia Rifle & Pistol Club, the Lewis County chapter of the Civil Air Patrol cadets & their participation in junior rifle competition

He was initiated 01-24-1961, passed 05-09 & raised to Master Mason 12-17-1969

Ernest Elbert Goad Jr. was born on 07-03-38 in Nicholas County, West Virginia.
He retired from the city of Tacoma in 2001.  And now lives in Onalaska with his wife Virginia.
He is Past Master (1973) and Life Member of Mt. Adams #227 ,   Yakima #24 (1979),   John Paul Jones #271 (2005).  He served as District Deputy in district 20.   He also belongs to the York Rite and Scottish Rite.  And has served as the presiding officer in each of the different bodies, except the Rose Croix (18th)

He was initiated 01-25-1966, passed 02-22, raised as Master Mason 03-22-1966, is a life member of #28

Stephen T. Carmick
  Ernest E. Goad
2010 / 2020
Gerald Vaudrin was born in Belcourt, N.D. 03-06-1940  He attended schools in Kingston I.D. Entered the US Army in 1957 retiring as Master Sargent in 1977.

After retirement, he contracted to United Van Lines as a operator.

His hobby is listed as Rodeo Cowboy

Holding dual membership, he was Master at Centralia #63 in 2009/2010, Centralia Royal Arch #44 Royal Arch, Alph #20 Royal & Select Masters, DeMolay #6, Knights Tempar.

He was initiated 12-07-1992, passed 01-31-1998 & raised to Master Mason 01-31-1998
Gerald Vaudrin
  Gary Graveline Sr. 2016  
Bob Glenn
Mathew Swena

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