Masonic Widows Pin

Of the 2 photos above, the left is sold by a major Masonic distributor
while the photo on the right is what the Grand Lodge of Washington has


The sprigs of Acacia, a broken column & the Masonic emblem


                                                  Meaning of the Broken Column: 

The broken column memorializes the end of our earthly life.  Surrounding the broken column are acacia leaves, symbolic of our eternal life.    In Freemasonry, the broken column is, as Master Freemasons well know, the emblem of the fall of one of the chief supporters of the Craft. 

The use of the column or pillars as a monument erected over a tomb was a very ancient custom, and was a very significant symbol of the character and spirit of the person interred. 

Masonic Widow Pin Presentations Text
Grand Lodge of Washington

"This pin was created as an emblem to symbolize our continued concern and honor for the widows of a Brother Master Mason, a Brother whose name added luster to the Craft as he labored with us in The Quarry.

Now that his name has been entered upon the Roll of the Celestial Lodge, we cannot forget those things which he loved so deeply, nor can we be unmindful of our duty to him.

It is my distinct privilege to present this emblem to you that you may wear it with great pride.

It is our desire that it be to you a reminder of your ties to us; a relationship wherein you will find friends who will assist you in times of need, join with you in times of gladness, and welcome you to a continued association with us as we continue our labors of Friendship, Brotherly Love and Truth.

You are not alone. When moments may cause you to doubt, Look at this emblem and be assured that we are there and we care.

This Masonic Widow's Pin was created with the hope that it would be worn by the widow of a Master Mason on all appropriate occasions, especially when traveling, so that she may be recognized, greeted, and assisted when necessary, by Masonic friends throughout the world.

It is an emblem of honor and should be worn separately, and not in conjunction with other jewelry.

May she who wears this emblem find that she is not alone. We are there and we care.''




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